Helping Out At Swimming Meets


As highlighted on our parent support page, NBSC relies on the support of member families to help with the running of swimming competition meets – assistance for which we are truly grateful!


At a minimum this can entail time-keeping, and sometimes catering. However there are also exciting opportunities to get involved in technical duties – which are needed at every swim meet to ensure they run smoothly.


To make it quick and easy for any person to gain the required skills and confidence in these areas, Swimming NSW has creating a number of online training modules for technical officials.


Currently there are online courses for:


• Timekeeping
• Marshal and Check Starter
• Inspector of Turns
• Judge of Stroke
• Starter
• Recorder
• Dolphin Timing Operator
• Referee Course


New courses are added periodically.


For more information on Swimming NSW's Technical Official Program please visit:


Swimming NSW Technical Officials Information >


To register and complete one or more online courses, please visit:


Swimming NSW Online Training for Technical Officials >